Day 82: Seattle Pre-Wedding

Today we hiked near Seattle.

Zach and Renee got to the house sometime very late last night after arriving on the red eye out of Chicago. We all made our way into Candice’s room and bed around 8am for a grand reunion.

The bnb hosts provided a gift basket, but we thought we may need a little more for breakfast.

We went to the market down the street for eggs and bacon and other essentials, then came home to make brunch. I cooked the bacon, Zach chopped the vegetables, Renee scrambled the eggs, Bob toasted the bread, Candice made the coffee, and Brian… kept watch over the supper table.

While we were eating, Chad and Anna stopped by to say hi. Chad mentioned an 8 mile round trip 3500 elevation gain hike at Mt Si we could try east of the city. Sure, why not? Candice got ready for the rehearsal dinner on Bainbridge Island, the rest of us got ready for the hike, we all left around noon.

Candice went her way and the 5 of us drove about an hour to the mountain. It was pretty much all switchbacks for 2 hours through forest, a pretty popular spot, we passed dozens of hikers going up and down.

Maybe we weren’t quite expertly prepared… tennis shoes and sandals, a bag of apples, a couple granola bars and a mini box of corn pops. BUT we made it to the top, worth the trouble! 180 panorama of the surrounding mountains and the town of North Bend below.

 The hiker gang,

Mt Si selfie,

We ate all our snacks then began the long descent. It was colder near the top, and became noticeably darker near the trailhead as it was nearing 6pm. There was a nervous looking dad near the bottom shouting every 30 seconds for “Michael!”, presumably his misplaced child. Lost your kid on the mountain at dusk? That’s pretty terrifying… but I’m sure it worked out just fine.

We drove into North Bend for dinner. We had a beer and waited 20 minutes for a table. I got a burger with cheese inside, a la “Juicy Lucy” style, it didn’t live up to my expectations. Bob has another rule: if a menu has super nachos, it’s obviously what he should order. I remember the last super nachos I got… and couldn’t finish. Good luck, Bob.

Zach and Renee needed help finishing their food too. They were amazed at our eating abilities, Brian even polished off Bob’s salsa straight with a spoon.

Remember how I missed seeing the Double R diner? As chance had it, we drove by it out of town today, now named Twede’s Cafe. The side you can’t see said something like “twin peaks famous cherry pie”. Dream fulfilled.

We got ice cream and drove home. We visited with Candice and watched tv before bed.

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